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Monday, January 18, 2010

Texas Trip (Finally) Blogged

Soooo--we went to Texas for Christmas. Normally, I continue to get blog updates posted while we're there, just not quite as often. What I discovered this year was now that the kids are older, I have to fight my dad and TWO kids (PLUS a husband) for any computer time. I was lucky to get a glance at emails. Blogging didn't happen. Sigh.

Therefore, we are now mid-January and I'm posting our Christmas trip adventures. Sigh. Such is my life.

Nathan got a dry erase marker board and marker from his teacher for his Christmas gift. What a great gift!!! The kids all fought for turns to write on the marker board. Here is Rebekah with her Yo-Yo and two roller coasters.

Nathan & Andrew chillin' out as we drove. We took the kids out at noon on their last day of classes in order to get on the road earlier. Nathan's school had Pajama Day that day so we left him in his PJ's for the first day of travel. We got a few strange looks until it was closer to dark.
And those of you who know me realize that while we have a video player in the car, I don't believe in using it. They made it until 6pm the first day (too dark to keep reading) before they asked to watch a movie. So from dark until the hotel, we allowed movies. If you plan to travel and haven't seen my posts "Travel Tips 1" and "Travel Tips 2"--be sure to check them out. The playplace idea (thanks Beth) is worth a million bucks!

When we got checked into our hotel, Rebekah went to climb on the bed. We laughed and laughed as she tried to get onto the very high bed. Check out how tall this bed is!!! Don't fall off in the night--could be dangerous!

We made it to Texas in time for dinner the next night. Where else but Chick-fil-A?? I didn't take photos there...but I might have sent several texts to jealous friends.
The next day, we moved slow in the morning, but managed to get out and about for lunch. We went to our favorite Taco Bell/Long John Silver's. I know it's the wackiest sounding combo place, but it is very popular. And satisfies everyone's tastes.
Rebekah wanted the camera so she captured me with Andrew & Nathan and then a photo of the fish wrought iron.

She kept playing around with Andrew's new Dallas Cowboy's hat. Sean ended up hooking one ponytail through it so it stuck out the opening in the back of the hat. We were rolling.

We had a good trip down and the kids were super troopers with all the time spent in the car.

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