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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Giveaway & Review: Bobble Bots Moshi Monsters #BobbleBots

Look what arrived at our house just in time for Easter!

We got a Bobble Bots Moshi Monster set to try out. Our set included one of the business units (we got the Ice Scream Parlor), a small Bobble Bots set (Cobblestone Corner) and an extra Bobble Bot (a Moshling).

I had heard the name, but hadn't seen these little guys in action. My kids sure knew what they were. Nathan and Rebekah tore into these as fast as I could get these first photos snapped. They had been wanting them and now I know why there were frequent requests to go to the store. They wanted to see about purchasing these...but hadn't told me.

I wasn't too sure about these Bobble Bots at first because there are a lot of pieces involved. But, I was impressed whan I realized they all go together to make the set. It's so easy, even the 5 year old figured out how to do it.

Here's our little Moshling...aren't they cute??

The funny thing was that the kids wouldn't let me take pictures of them. I had to leave them alone to play. They went out and got the neighbor kids and every time I tried to sneak in for a photo, they would pick up the Bobble Bots and go to another room. Sigh! No pics of them playing with it.

I was allowed to take a picture of Rebekah's artistry when she wanted to rearrange the Ice Scream parlor. I'll have to post it later as my camera is giving me a fit.

The kids love these and I don't mind them much. The noise of them bouncing around can get to me after a while, but they are so funny to watch as they bounce around.

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