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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Christmas Eve Services

It's become a tradition for us to do two Christmas Eve Services each year. My sister & her husband attend a very large church that has something like 14 Christmas Eve Services over three days. We go the first night of services when it's less crowded. They have costumed characters before church, Santa in his sleigh and a live nativity (my photos didn't turn out from that--bummer!).

Then on Christmas Eve, we attend the Candlelight Service at my folks' church. We always try to get a good family photo before/after that service in our finery.

Here are the top two nominees for Christmas Eve Photos.

Then came Nathan sneaking up behind his dad....

Not to be left out, Rebekah ran up to get behind Nathan...

Andrew isn't a dummy, he manages to push into 'birth order' to get one more photo...
Check out Dad's face...think he knows they are up to no good?

Here are some photos from the service at my sister's church.

The stage was covered in fake snow and there are snowflakes falling on the screens. The earth is in the center of it all. Then the opening was drums that lit up when they were played and lighted drumsticks. It was a beautiful future drum line leader, Andrew, loved every minute of it.

For part of the sermon, Pastor Kerry Shook did a painting. It started as a star, stable, manger and then eventually, when it was turned over, it was Jesus on the cross. Amazing!!!

Candles from the candlelight portion. Andrew got some great photos for me...he's my photographer in training.
Fun times with Frosty.

And don't forget Santa!

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