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Monday, January 11, 2010

Hope Jesus forgives me for a Jan. Walk through Bethlehem

In my continued backlog of December photos, I realized we never posted our Walk Through Bethlehem pics. This has been a family tradition since Andrew was still in his stroller. They love going to Bethlehem and seeing how it was when Jesus was born. This year, my friend Tonya and her family had their miniature horses at Bethlehem, too. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the ponies. Sheesh!

I did get Rebekah feeding the goats. She loved petting them and kept enticing them over to eat so she could pet them again.
Andrew, Nathan & Rebekah with their head-coverings.

Rebekah & Nathan were listening to stories at the entrance tent. This tent is set up outside the city gates. The guy was really funny and told some "Flap Flap" jokes.

I know you want to know what a "Flap Flap" joke is. Duh! If you live in a tent you don't have a door to "Knock Knock" on so you have to say "Flap Flap" instead. LOL!!

Here the kids (Nathan's back is to the camera) got to try kneading bread dough.

All three kids made their own coin. Rebekah wanted NO help from anyone. She worked hard to flatten her metal ball into a round circle. Finally, the nice man working the booth asked if she could do 3 and he'd do 3. His three hits were a lot more powerful than hers. Between the two of them, she made a really nice coin.
Also got Andrew making his coin. I missed Nathan doing his. He was done by the time Rebekah & I found them in this room.
Since I missed him making his coin, we played with my camera to get a great Nathan & Mommy photo. Every so often I like a picture of myself to prove to my children that they really did have a mother. :-)

Nathan discovered the music and dancing area. He had so much fun with the maracas, tambourines and other instruments.
Here's a little video of the dancing.
Before we left, the kids went fishing to see what they could catch in their nets.

On the way out, Andrew realized how funny this was. Here's a sign "Reserved for Sr. Citizens" with a camel 'parked' behind it. We laughed all the way to the car.

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