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Monday, March 31, 2014

Body Brite Omaha Review and #Giveaway

 Body Brite is located in Omaha off of 147 & Maple. I recently met with Micki, the owner, and her staff to learn about their services. Body Brite offers services such as Oxygen Therapy (facials), Teeth Whitening, Permanent Hair Removal (using Intense Pulsed Light) and Skin Rejuvenation (using Intense Pulsed Light). Body Brite is a franchise located in eight countries worldwide. It started internationally and the Omaha location was one of the first ten location in the United States. Micki is proud to say that in May 2013, Body Brite received the Best of Omaha award after only being in business for six months. 

I learned a little about each service and got to try the Permanent Hair Removal. The teeth whitening uses light to lighten the color of your natural tooth enamel. It takes 1-3 sessions to lighten teeth, but I understand most see several shades of lightening with the first treatment. Skin Rejuvenation applies small pulses of light to the skin which is transformed into heat. The heat helps stimulate new elastin and collagen. This is used to help eliminate fine wrinkles, reverse sun damage and can help with skin tone. It also helps with sunspots and helpe decrease pore size. Treatment is 6 sessions. Oxygen Therapy uses herbal serums and pure oxygen to activate cell and collagen production. They call it botox in a bottle because this facial focuses on eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. Treatment is 6 sessions. One client who was leaving when I was at Body Brite was telling Micki about her first Oxygen Therapy session. She loved it and couldn't believe how good her skin already looked after only one treatment. It was a totally unsolicited testimonial and she was thrilled to be undergoing the treatment. 

The Hair Removal was the treatment I tried. I was so excited to learn that after treatment, 90-95% of people will have permanent hair loss in that zone. I tried a test patch on my underarm, leg and face. First you ice the area to cool it and then the light zaps the hair down to the follicle. I couldn't believe that in only a couple pulses (zaps) of light, the hair was gone in the test patches.  I was a little nervous before trying this, but I found it to be painless. Once you ice the area a little bit, I could feel the heat from the light, but that was all. Even the face was pain free. Treatment is 9 sessions. Micki shared that after three treatments, most people find all the hair to be gone, but they can't quit then because the follicles will grow back a few times before being done. It takes the full 9 sessions for true results. 

From the Body Brite Website:
Welcome to BodyBrite, where our slogan is “Let Your Beauty Shine”.
Our lives are hectic, and sometimes when you look in the mirror, perhaps you don’t see who you know you really are. Our innovative treatments and professional staff of certified estheticians will replenish and renew your whole being, and you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars to do it.
Come and experience our IN approach: Intelligent, innovative, inspiring andinclusive. Whether you’re a man or a woman, whatever your skin type, ethnicity or age, we have the very best skin treatments available so your inner beauty shows on the outside, too.
Don’t hide your inner light. Come in to BodyBrite, and shine.
Some other Omaha Bloggers also gave Body Brite a try. Be sure to check out their reviews as well. 
SensoryMamaSavingCents tried the teeth whitening. 
MomSavesMoney tried an Oxygen Facial
LPO Beauty tried hair removal.

Now for the giveaway. Be sure to enter using the Rafflecopter below for your chance to have the treatment of your choice, valid at the Omaha location only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary treatment in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Learn about Mars at the Holland Center on April 22

Photo Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech

Nathan in particular was happy to hear about the speaker coming to Omaha on April 22--National Geographic Live's Exploring the Red Planet with Kobie Boykins, NASA engineer. This will be an evening spent learning more about the mysterious planet of Mars. A part of the speaker series presented by Omaha Performing Arts, Exploring the Red Planet will have Omaha native, Kobie Boykins, sharing about the Mars rovers, recent photos from Mars and he will share the future of space exploration with everyone. Exploring the Red Planet will begin at 7:30 p.m. on April 22. 

Photo Courtesy NASA
About Kobie Boykins:
Boykins graduated from Omaha Northwest High School in 1992. He earned a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y., beginning his career in the aerospace industry in the Advanced Mechanical Systems group at NASA/Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a student. After graduation, he began his first program, working on the entry, descent and landing systems for the Mars Pathfinder rover. He has since worked on the Sojourner, Exploration, Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity r
As a Solar Array Cognizant Engineer for the Spirit and Opportunity rovers, Boykins designed the deployable solar array structure and mechanisms that power the rovers. Both have outlasted their predicted life significantly and have found indications of past existence of water on Mars.
For the past several years, Boykins has been JPL’s supervisor of the Mobility and Mechanisms Engineering group, within its Spacecraft Mechanical Engineering section. He has overseen the designing, building and testing of mechanisms and other mechanical hardware for a wide range of robotic space vehicles. These include the deployment and mobility mechanisms for Mars rovers, pyrotechnic devices, launch locks and latches, multi-axis gimbals as well as technology development for future missions. Currently, Boykins is working on a project called Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) as a technical advisor for the Spacecraft Solar Array and Deployable Boom.
Tickets are still available to see Exploring the Red Planet and can be purchased at Nathan, who decided years ago to be an astronaut who visits Mars, is looking forward to attending and learning more about the Red Planet. We understand that Kobie Boykins is an entertaining and engaging speaker and we're looking forward to learning more about Mars and the things he has done through his work at NASA. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Guest Post - Mardra Sikora - Living the Good Life

Today is a guest post from my BFF (yes, we've been friends since high school). She's a fantastic blogger, wonderful mother and amazing advocate. You may not know it, but today is World Down Syndrome Day. I'm excited to see what she has to share with us about "Living the Good Life." Please be sure to check out her website at

On a recent road-trip to central Nebraska, my son Marcus leaned back and sighed, “This is the good life.” That particular weekend there was much ado about Nebraska’s slogan: “The Good Life.” So I smiled in agreement while my mind wandered over the parallel metaphor to our world.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, it gets old defending the place you call home. Do you get tired of explaining what exactly is good about “the good life” to those who say they could never…? To those who are filled with ill-conceived notions and stereotypes about our day-to-day? What beauties there are to see and experience?

Like many kids, I knew I’d leave Nebraska when I grew up. But the days went by and, though there were other opportunities along the way, I chose to stay. And sometimes there were circumstances that chose me instead. Which brings me to the parallel metaphor. Life with my son, Marcus.

It’s not a new idea, the metaphor of the physical place we find ourselves and our larger fate. So here we go…

On March 21st we will celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. We celebrate because Down syndrome is part of who Marcus is. Like many families who find themselves in an unexpected place – it is not about making the best of it; it’s about celebrating the best of it.

What I’d like to share this World Down Syndrome Day, with those of you who don’t live in the place we do: It’s not what you think.

Yes, sometimes storms come in and make life difficult. Like Marcus’ heart surgery when he was still a baby. That was hard. And there are many beautiful places on this earth, including the amazing sunsets that linger on the horizon here. Yes, the same sun rises and sets in our world as yours and my love for my son is no more and no less than the love any mother can have for their child. I see his beauty, his talents, his ambitions, and these parts of him are not diminished by Down syndrome. My biggest disappointments come not from Marcus’ abilities but rather the limitations of other people to recognize his abilities.

To me, the good life means preparation: when it’s cold, you put a coat on. The good life means consideration: please and thank you and working hard is something to be proud of. The good life means both seeing beauty in the peaceful moments as well as celebrating with the roar of a crowd.

For us it is also about a lifetime full of laughter. Marcus’ guiding principal is to make sure the people around him are happy. It’s nice to live with someone who has other’s happiness as a top priority.

Yes, Marcus lives with us, so do 6 million other adult children in this country. Like many of them, this is a choice we have made together. There are options, we chose this one.

It’s not always an easy life. (Boring!) It’s not the perfect life. (Who has that?)
It is, in fact, quite a good life.

By day Mardra Sikora balances a patchwork of community, advocacy, work and family. Also by day she writes. You can find her antics at, on Facebook, and her favorite hangout, Twitter: @MardraSikora

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Soweto Gospel Choir Performs at Holland Center Omaha 3/28

Omaha Area People - What are you doing Thursday, March 27 at 7:30 p.m.? Whatever it is, I'd suggest cancelling your plans and getting to the Holland Performing Arts Center!! 
It's not every day that you get a chance to see a multi-award winning African Gospel Choir. That's why.

The Soweto Gospel Choir performs one night only in Omaha and is presented by Omaha Performing Arts. It looks to be an impressive evening of music. Tickets are available at

From their press release: Soweto Gospel Choir has enjoyed more than a decade of success, earning accolades and awards as they tour the world. The choir has won Emmy Award®, two Grammy Awards®, three South African Music Association Awards and an Oscar nomination. The 45-member choir is led by choir leaders Shimmy Jiyane, Diniloxolo Ndlakuse and Mazwe Mhlongo. Backed by a small band, Soweto Gospel Choir weaves nuanced harmonies into the melodies of African spirituals, American gospel tunes and the occasional pop hit.
          Soweto Gospel Choir was formed in November 2002; the following year, the group began winning awards. They won Grammy Awards® in the Best Traditional World Music category in 2007 for Blessed and 2008 for African Spirit. In 2009, their collaboration with Peter Gabriel on the song “Down To Earth” in Wall-E earned a Grammy® as well. The choir won a Sports Emmy Award as winners of the Outstanding Music Composition/Direction/Lyrics for a campaign they did with U2. 
Come sit back, relax and let the music wash over you on Thursday, March 28. Get your tickets now before they are gone. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sister Act at Orpheum Theater Omaha through March 23

When you think of disco balls and sequins and Motown's greatest hits, I would guess you don't think of church...or nuns. Normally I wouldn't either. But when you see the Broadway touring show of  "Sister Act," you get all this and more. 

Sean & I were able to attend opening night last night for Sister Act. It will be playing through Sunday, March 23. Performances remaining are Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 7:30 p.m.; Friday at 8:00 p.m.; Saturday at 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.; Sunday at 1:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Thanks to Omaha Performing Arts for bringing the 5 time Tony Award winner to Omaha. 

The theater was pretty packed last night, but the audience was sluggish at the start. As a former acting major, I pick up on the audience feeling pretty quickly. I know how hard it is to give high energy as a performer when you don't get the audience feedback. But I will give this top-notch cast credit, they kept the energy up and after only a short while, they had the audience totally engaged and turned it into one of the most up-beat crowds I've ever witnessed. By the time the curtain fell, every person was on their feet giving a standing ovation, clapping and dancing along. 
ABOUT THE SHOW: When disco diva Deloris Van Cartier witnesses a murder, she is put in protective custody in the one place cops are sure she won’t be found – a convent! Disguised as a nun, she finds herself at odds with both the rigid lifestyle and an uptight Mother Superior. Using her fabulous disco-ness and killer voice to inspire the choir, Deloris breathes new life into the church, but in doing so blows her cover. Soon it’s nun-on-the-run time but she finds salvation in the heavenly power of the newly found sisterhood.
Based on the mega-hit feature film, SISTER ACT features an original Alan Menken/Glenn Slater score with a vast inspiration of musical styles from Motown, soul and funk to great big disco anthems and Barry White-inspired musical comedy.
I have always enjoyed the movie and I was a little apprehensive to see how the show translated to the stage. I must admit that clever staging and choreography made the stage version an amazing show. I actually now like the stage version better than the movie. I loved the music and the singers were all very talented. We did see three understudies last night due to some illness in the cast, but even I couldn't tell who was the understudy. I had to look it up this morning to figure it out. They were that good. 

If you are looking for some fun music, a top notch cast and enough laughter to bring tears to your eyes, be sure to check out "Sister Act" before it's gone. 

Tickets are available through Ticket Omaha or by calling 402.345.0606.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

SEA LIFE Aquarium - Kansas City - #Discount $3 off Tickets

On our tour of Kansas City, we are also going to head over to SEA LIFE Aquarium. They have all kinds of exhibits about sea life and sea creatures. And while we come from a world class zoo city, we enjoy checking out how other Aquariums present information. We have lots of fun at Aquariums (and manage to sneak in some fun facts while we are there). Our kids can't wait to go exploring and see another shark tunnel. 

SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium will transport you into the amazing underwater world. Come nose to nose with sharks and prepare for astonishingly close views of everything from humble starfish and seahorses to graceful rays. To get any closer you'd have to get wet! Are you a Shark lover or Seahorse fanatic? Perhaps it's the graceful rays or the clever Octopus that you love the most. Maybe you simply can't decide! Here at SEA LIFE Kansas City you can make up your mind and see them all - from the curious and the rescued to the rare and the enigmatic. And you'll be able to get closer to them than ever before.

You and your family can also go and enjoy $3 off per ticket. Be sure to print your coupon and head over to the Sea Life Aquarium for loads of fun. 

Discount - $3 off tickets at LegoLand in Kansas City

Our family is big on museums and interactive entertainment. And when there just might be a little learning that we can sneak into the experience, we're all in. So check out the deal I am pleased to offer to all of my friends. You can take $3 off per ticket at LegoLand Discovery Center in Kansas City.

Explore LEGOLAND Discovery Center Kansas City, the ultimate indoor playground for kids who are the biggest fans of LEGO! LEGOLAND Discovery Center Kansas City is one of Kansas City's best attractions for kids! Reach out and touch the stars in our 4D cinema, build the fastest car in LEGO Racers: Build & Test, zap the bad guys in Kingdom Quest Laser Ride, or have the ultimate LEGO birthday party. Plan your family visit and jump into the biggest box of LEGO bricks!

 I have a Lego loving family. All five of us enjoy playing with Legos and Nathan recently had an 'all Lego' birthday. We can't wait to head to KC and check out LegoLand. We are planning a visit for later this spring and will let you know about our visit.

In the meantime, remember to print out your $3 savings if you're headed that way.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Nebraska & Iowa Game Truck News

Do you remember the Game Truck? I had the opportunity to review it and you can see that review here. My kids had a terrific time playing on the game truck. What can beat unlimited video games on numerous systems? I was contacted and given some fantastic new information. 

They now have a NEW trailer in Omaha!!!!  The new trailer has 6 big screen TV's, extremely cool lighting and a power awning for guests of the Game Truck to have cake and ice cream underneath it in the shade!!!  According to my contact, the owner, it is LIGHT YEARS above the old trailer!  

It appears that we will get to review the new game truck later this spring. So be watching for more information, but know that you can book this truck even now. 

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Baby Bullet #Giveaway

Welcome to our Baby Bullet Giveaway~


This Baby Bullet Giveaway is being hosted by Tammie's Reviews, Giveaways and More, Couponing Momma Giveaways and Reviews, Our Wolves Den and promoted by some amazing Bloggers.
Sponsored by Baby Bullet

When you buy baby food in a store, How can you be sure that it contains only the natural ingredients and no preservatives that you demand in a product? Well you can't be sure unless you make it at home yourself. Baby Bullet is your must have product to make homemade baby food that includes only the most natural ingredients that prefer it have. By using this product, You can have homemade baby food in less than 15 minutes. This is an "as seen on T.V." product. You can read Tammie's Reviews, Giveaways and More's full review HERE.

I personally didn't have a Baby Bullet--because they were not yet invented/sold when I was making baby food for my kiddos. But I loved making my own out of leftovers and with food I found on good sales. I did switch back and forth between homemade and commercial, but this would have made my life so much easier!!

Now on to the Giveaway……
  • This giveaway will be live from 3/9 and will end on 3/23, starting and ending at 7 p.m.
  • This is open to US only.
  • All entries will be verified
  • Winner will be chosen via
  • Winner will have 48 hours to respond.
  • Winner must be 18 of age or older
  • 1 winner will receive a Baby Bullet.
  • Enter below using the easy Giveaway Tools widget and Good Luck to you.

Disclosure: is not associated with any of the companies named above. No purchase is necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law. The odds of winning are based on the number of entries received Open to the US 18+ only. Confirmed Winner(s) (by will be contacted by email. Winner(s) have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. The sponsor(s) will be responsible for product shipment to winner(s) of this giveaway. My blog is not responsible for product shipment/delivery. This event is in no way administered, sponsored, or endorsed by, or associated with, Facebook and/or Twitter, Google, Pinterest. This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements. Entrants must only enter with either one email address, IP address and/or Facebook account, anyone found violating these rules will be disqualified. It is at the sole discretion of the admin of the giveaway if the winner has met the rules or not.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Showing off my #DisneySide

You know my sister and I have a 'little'....umm...BIG thing for The Mouse. You know him, got a couple castles on the coasts and a few more overseas. Well, I call myself blessed beyond belief because this girl got selected to host a Disney Side at home party. Oh yeah, Mickey picked me. I was given the chance to host a #DisneySide party to show off my Disney Side. Well, why stick to a party when you can spread the love around town (and the country)?

Then came the hard part...waiting. Our #DisneySide shipments were packed by hand and shipped out in waves. So I waited through the first wave, second the third wave I'm getting nervous...but then, joy of joys, my box was shipped. I checked daily for it's arrival. Then came ice in the South--REALLY!! Even Mother Nature tried to slow my box down. UGH! Then the magical day arrived--- 

My box was a little beaten up on top, but the insides were just fine.


Thanks to American Tourister--official luggage of Disney, I have a new carry on bag. With wheels! And they spin 360 degrees!! I got to try out my new rolly spinny bag (yes, that's what I call it) on my trip to DC. Never had an easier time moving between gates since my laptop was in it and not on my back. And I had to truck through Minneapolis to change concourses and go from next to last gate to last gate in the other while grabbing lunch on the way. I had 30 minutes--loads of time. HA! But I could move quick with my rolly spinny bag. 

Then I opened my luggage....

Check out my Disney loot!
There's cups, plates, napkins, balloons, decoration, tablecloth, cookie cutters, measuring cups, race signs, Mickey/Minnie Love prints, HP (two smiles) Photo Card making set, cupcake papers, run window clings and bracelets, ideas on how to face paint Disney characters, stickers, tattoos, Muppet calendars, recipes, and more!!

We used the bulk of our Disney Side items at Nathan's Birthday Party. We put the bracelets, Muppets Calendar, Balloons, Tattoos and Stickers in his treat bags. I was going to use the plates/napkins, etc for the party, but the movie theater provided. So I'm now holding that until a certain someone I know celebrates her 40th this year (not me--my baby sis---don't tell her). She mentioned wanting a Disney Party...woot woot. Big sis is going to deliver!

Nathan's treat bags

The party-goers.

I love the look on his face while we're singing Happy Birthday!


Rebekah had some friends over for a playdate on another day and for snacks, we did Mickey Mouse Doughnut platters. Each child and mom got a doughnut. We had a ball...but my camera was being fixed and I forgot to take pics on my phone while the girls played. Since Rebekah has enough princess dresses and costumes for more than a week, every girl got to dress up as a princess. So much fun!

 AND THEN--if that wasn't enough partying, I couldn't help it. I had to send some of the Run Disney window clings, bracelets and signs to my sister and her friends. I snuck them into a box to my mom who got them in the suitcase for my sister. My kids had me make a sign that said, "Run Fast, Tia!" I'm so proud of my sister. She ran the Tinkerbell 1/2 at Disneyland in January. Then a few weekends ago, she did the Glass Slipper Challenge at Disneyworld. It's a 10K on Saturday and a 1/3 Marathon on Sunday. By completing both 1/2 Marathons, she earned her Coast to Coast medal. 

My sister with FIVE medals. Again--I'm so proud.

Here's our sign in her hotel for inspiration. 

Not to be left out, Dad & Mom put one up on her garage for her arrival home. 

We have had a long multi-event experience with showing our #DisneySide. 
Be on the lookout for a #DisneySide giveaway coming soon. 

Disclosure: I was provided with a Disney Side kit in exchange for hosting a party and posting on my blog. No other compensation was given and all opinions are my own. 
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