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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nathan's School Christmas Program

Well, I'm discovering I missed blogging about a LOT of activities in December. So, I'm playing catch up in January.

Nathan's school had a wonderful Christmas program again this year. Nathan's class did the Hanukkah songs.

Nathan is in about the middle of these photos. It's so dark in the gym with the lights off--but I do my best. :-)

Here's a picture of most of his classroom. He's in the second row, but his head is blocked by the little boy in front of him. I was thrilled he made it to the 2nd row---I never did!!!!!

Here's the video of their first song, "The Hanukkah Song":
Here's the video of their second song, "Hanukkah Song":
It was a wonderful program and all the kids did so well--especially after missed practices due to snow days!!

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