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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Children's Museum Field Trip

Got to go on a field trip with Nathan's class to the Children's Museum. Of course, it was only a couple days before we were leaving town, but he looked so sad when I said I might not be able to go. Sigh...I decided to stay up extra-late at night instead to finish what I could have done that afternoon.

Glad I went--I always have fun at these events. The kids favorite thing was the light show for the holidays. We had seen it earlier this holiday season, but with a room full of elementary kids it was EXTRA loud...and Nathan wasn't too sure he wanted to stay. His friend got him to start dancing and then he was having a great time. They ended up doing a conga-line, too.

Here he is sticking his face into the 'nails'. So funny!

Some of my pictures turned out too dark, but we had a great time. Our group consisted of Nathan, a neighbor friend and a friend he goes to Challenge with. All three in my group were terrific and they all took turns choosing what we would do next. Nathan was gracious to let them do more picking since we have a membership and go more often. He did get to do his favorite activities, too---so that helped his generosity.

A fun time!

1 comment:

Keeslermom said...

We love that place! Except the face paint. Mine always spend the rest of the day looking smeary.

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