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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Looking back: Meeting Santa

My BFF from High School invited our family to a little Christmas get together. What fun!!! She had won a Santa package at a silent auction. Santa came to visit the kiddos and brought each one of them a cookie decorated with their name on it. Then a limo whisked the moms & kids away for an hour of looking at Christmas lights. From there we went to a pizza place where the dads were waiting for us. (They have an awesome game room, too.)

The kiddos were awfully shy at first, but Nathan walked right over to Santa and told him what he wanted. Once he broke the ice, Rebekah thought she'd give it a try.
Rebekah was worried that Andrew was missing out so we got him by Santa for a photo. (He reminded us he's too big to sit on Santa's lap!) Then Rebekah gave Santa a hug and went off for a while.
Towards the end of the other kids seeing Santa, Rebekah kept going over to show him toys and talk to him. She wanted him to see the ornaments on the Christmas tree. We kept having to haul her away so the next child could have a turn. When everyone was done, she hopped right back onto his lap and showed off her socks and told him all sorts of things.

She was "Santa's Girl" all night long. She told him about Rudolph and the 8 reindeer (as if he didn't already know). She was star-stuck in love with him. The funny thing is, we don't really promote Santa at our home and he doesn't actually come leave gifts. But, there is magic in the right jolly old elf--especially when you're three.
We had a great night and lots of fun, fellowship and laughter. What a great night!

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