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Monday, January 25, 2010

Merry Christmas #2.5

Gretchen tries on her reindeer antlers. Too cute!

Poppa, do you like my slippers? Now my feet won't be cold like icicles.
Nathan models Rebekah's gift bag. What a ham.

Take one--Sean opens new Husker Sweatshirt. Take two--Nathan tries it on. Take three--Rebekah will not be outdone. She models the shirt with her new Monkey Slippers.

Take one--Poppa gets blue glasses to help find missing golf balls. Take two--Nathan feels the need to check them out. Take three--Andrew will not be outdone.

Poppa got Bejeweled so he can play without getting a Facebook account. Tio gets a book he wanted.

Tia giving Rebekah a gift and holding her new figurine. This one looks like Zeus did!

As Sean sings the "Toy Packaging" song as he tries to get Rebekah's doll out, Nathan models the box as a hat.

Andrew's last gift. Poppa & Grandma and Tio & Tia sent him to Weather Camp for a day. He LOVED it. He wants to be a meteorologist and this was something like Jr. Meteorologist crack. (Totally addicting and gives you a high that takes all day to come down from.) Now he wants to come back in the summer for the week long summer camp.

Gretchen isn't spoiled, she's just well-loved.

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