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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving/Christmas--in January!

In the interest of fairly back-blogging, I need to put some pictures up from Thanksgiving weekend. I forgot to do that...for almost 3 months. UGH!

We celebrated Christmas on Friday Night (after Thanksgiving) with Poppa & Grandma S. They came to visit us and we LOVED having them here for the weekend. It was very relaxing and we spent some really great, quality time together.

Obviously, it was the big game day (notice all the Husker gear) as the Huskers beat the Buffs 28-20.

Here are the kids opening up their gifts:

Andrew amused me with the bow on the head routine. Kinda looks like Mickey Mouse ears!

Nathan proudly displays his loot. (Check out that smile!) Sean is in the background. I realized after the fact that he kept the camera for most of the gift opening...I think it was a ploy to stay out of the photos.

Poppa & Grandma open their gifts...with a little 'help' from Rebekah.
We had a great Thanksgiving meal and relaxing time on Thursday. Friday was game day and Christmas #1 (of 3). We spent the weekend going to museums. I'll post those when I get the rest of Christmas caught up.
Finally, I had to add this last photo. It isn't enough to do a whole post on...but it was so sweet. Nathan & Rebekah have a certain love-hate relationship. They love each other so much, but it always seems that the loving one is in love with the other while said other is in the hating phase. So one wants a hug, the other doesn't want to. One wants to share and play, the other is interested in something else. But, while waiting for Poppa & Grandma to arrive Wed. night, I caught this precious moment on film...

Here are Nathan & Rebekah waiting for Poppa and Grandma to arrive. She's the princess fairy butterfly and she keeps getting out pirate costume pieces for Nathan since they are watching a Tom & Jerry Movie involving pirates. So cute!!!

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