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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Harvey Prince Perfume Giveaway, THREE Winners!

Harvey Prince was founded in 2010 by two brothers in a heartfelt devotion to their Mother for one special Mother's Day. The brothers enlisted the help of leading perfumers, designers, and dermatologists to craft a fragrance that would pay tribute to their mother’s effortless, youthful vigor. Their gift to her was ageless the world’s first anti-aging fragrance and the first of Harvey Prince’s scent collection. 

Harvey Prince believes in creating exceptional scents of purpose: both in empowering women to feel younger, happier, slimmer, and sexier, and in using the highest quality natural and essential ingredients from around the world.Their products are crafted locally in the USA, using the finest natural and essential oils from around the world. All fragrances are hypoallergenic, 100% cruelty-free,with absolutely no animal testing, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol,benzene, GMOs, or triclosan.

With all of their hard work today Harvey Prince is a emerging designer, manufacturer, and marketer of high-quality,youthful perfume,skin care,and beauty products under it's own brand that you can get from  Harvey Prince has been featured in leading print, television, and digital media, and its fragrances are loved by loyal customers in 37+ countries around the world for their innovative design, premium ingredients, and accessible price point ($21 for 8.8ml EDP, $55 for 50ml EDT, $98 for 100ml EDT).
Eau Flirt is an alluring blend of wild lavender, playful pumpkin, and sensuous nighttime amber, this bewitching fragrance inspires spontaneity. Inspired by devil-may-care, uninhibited nights of dancing and flirtation, Eau Flirt is the perfect accessory to your Little Black Dress.

Harvey Prince was kind enough to allow Ada's 2 Cents to host a giveaway and she allowed some friends to join in on the fun. I appreciate Ada's allowing me to join in on the fun for all of my readers. Good luck!!! 

 The Prize: 
3 lucky readers will have the chance to win one {1} 100ml bottle of Eau Flirt Perfume ARV $98.

This giveaway will end on 9/1 at 12:01am EST and is open to US & Canada! Good Luck!!

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Disclosure:  Coolestmommy's Coolest Thoughts is not responsible for giveaway prize fulfillment.

Tips on Tuesday: To Err is Human

Do you ever have one of those out-of-body experiences that bring a facet of life into blinding clarity? While I would love to say me neither, the reality is that I'm learning how true it is that with age comes wisdom.

Maybe it's the record heat this summer, maybe it's a lack of sleep, maybe it's just me...and maybe it's (*gasp*) age, but I find myself apologizing more often for mistakes I've made. I can't decide if I am more cognizant of my faults and realize more quickly that I may have made a mistake or if it's because I make more mistakes than ever before. 

My excuse is "Mommy Brain." But now that I have a high school student, it feels like that excuse may have worn thin. I don't know if holding the clutter of schedules, papers, homework, etc. for three children has caused me to lose the ability to mentally file things for later retrieval. And yet, no matter how you slice it, I make more mistakes than ever before.

And I'm learning--in crystal clarity--the truth and wisdom behind the adage, "To err is human, to forgive is divine." I'm grateful to be surrounded by family and friends who are willing to forgive. They forgive my failings and my shortcomings and the things I don't get done "because it fell out of my brain." They forgive my sporadic communications. Best of all, they forgive ME! No matter how great or how small of a mistake that I make. 

It is a wonderful thing to have such amazing friends!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Eau Flirt Perfume Giveaway coming soon...

Hello Blogger Friends,
If you are interested in participating in this giveaway, sign up below.

Reader Friends, 
Check back on August 21st to enter to win this Eau Flirt Perfume.

Ada's 2 Cents will be hosting a giveaway for 3 100ml bottles of Eau Flirt Perfume sponsored by Harvey Prince and will also be allowing other bloggers to join in on this awesome giveaway for free!

Dates: 8/21 - 9/1 and Giveaway will be open to US and Canada!

Details: Each blogger signed up will receive 1 free link of their choice to either Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to be added on the giveaway form.

To Sign Up: You will need to post the announcement that can be found here 
and then fill out this Sign Up Form!


Amazon $40 Giftcard Giveaway Ends 9/7

Hello Friends,
I have found a couple of blogger co-ops (for lack of a better word) and I'm working with them to find ways to bring bigger and better giveaways to my blog for all of you to win. This is another co-op giveaway I was able to join. 

If you need a new vanity, sink, faucet or mirror, you will find lots of choices at I did some looking around and found a beautiful marble topped vanity that would be perfect in my dream Victorian home. 

I hope you are excited to win an Amazon Gift Card. Join in the fun by entering and good luck!

Mama Papa Barn is pleased to offer this giveaway thanks to our sponsor, is a unique e-boutique that prides itself on not only have the largest selection of individual and truly unique bathroom vanities and fixtures, but also the best client experience available on the web. We strive, with each client, to return to the sales process of the "five and dime," where not only did associates know you by name, but they were genuinely interested in helping you find the perfect item for your project--whether you bought from them or not.

 A huge thanks to my co-hosts: 
Oh! My Heartsie ¤ Military Wives Saving ¤ Search With Vonnie ¤ Live Laugh Love to Shop

Open to entrants Worldwide! All entries will be verified.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Headline Shirts Giveaway, Open World Wide

Robyn's Comments:
I was blessed to be able to join up with a fantastic group of bloggers to bring you the following group review and giveaway. I hope you will join in on the fun and enter to win. Ends 8/29 and it is open WORLD WIDE!! 

Ada's 2 Cents Headline Shirts Review
Have you heard of Headline Shirts? I recently just learned about them and am so glad I did. They have Vintageblend Tees that are hand-sewn in San Francisco, CA, using a super-soft, poly/cotton blend and also use Eco-friendly inks and materials. To make them even better with being an Eco-friendly company they also ship their products in compostible bags which makes this company even better In my opinion. 
Ada's 2 Cents Headline Shirt Review
 As for my my shirt of choice I picked the Original Chronic Shirt which I love even more now that I have it. The shirt feels so soft and is comfortable to wear. For the material it's not very thick like most tees,but it's thick enough to where you can't see through it. So far the material seems to be of good quality and it holds to it's shape which I really love! My shirt has been worn and washed a good decent amount and it has kept it's color,the design isn't coming off and my shirt is still looking like new. Overall I am very pleased with Headline Shirts and they are now my new fave shirt shop! On top of having some cool shirts their site is very easy to navigate,and customer service is a top priority to them,which I recently found out by experience. 

Headline Shirts don't just have shirts for men and women,because they also have a cute collection for kids as well. Aside from the shirts they also have Tank Tops and accessories,so check them out while they have a great sale going on and as for shipping,they ship worldwide! They also have a sizing chart for your convenience,but for a heads up the womens shirts run a little small and will shrink a little if washed in warm/hot water and dry them,so keep that in mind when ordering. 

Headline Deals and Special Offers: 
  •  Right now you can sign up for Headline Shirts Newsletter and  receive a coupon code for $5.00 off. {Signing up will also get you extra entries in giveaway}
  • Buy any product and get a free pair of shades!
Headline Shirts was kind enough to allow Ada's 2 Cents to host a giveaway giving one lucky reader a chance to win 1 Headline Shirt of their choice. With my love for Headline Shirts and wanting to share the love I decided to let some awesome blogging friends join in on the fun!

Giveaway Ends: 8/29 at 12:01am EST and is open Worldwide! 
Good Luck! 

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Disclosure: Product was received by Ada's 2 Cents for the purpose of creating this review and giveaway. All comments are personal comments and were not influenced by receipt of the product. Prize fulfillment is not the responsibility of Ada's 2 Cents or any other blog promoting the giveaway.

Tips on Tuesday: Back to School

Depending on where in the country you live, you might have already completed back to school, you might be in the midst or you might be just starting to think about it. In the Midwest, we go back in mid-August so it's almost D-day here.

A few tried and true tips to get you and your little ones off on the right foot.
* Be excited for your child. If you show that you are scared for them or worried about their returning to school, they will pick up on that and increase their own anxiety. Talk about the fun them will have--for the younger ones. For your older kids, be excited, but be a good listener. Ask what they are excited about and what makes them nervous. We've got a lot of transition this year with one going to middle school and one going to high school. So we talk a lot about the similarities and differences between schools.

* Practice makes perfect. Many kids lose up to three months of their education over the summer. Reading is the easiest way to keep retention up across the board. While they may have lost information if you didn't read much over the summer, I'm a firm believer that it's never too late. Read with your kids--or have them read on their own when old enough--for at least 20 minutes a day. Creating a reading habit now will help you have lifelong readers. It will also go a long way in making sure they don't lose too much information over the summer.

* Early to bed, early to rise. If you're like us, you have let bedtime slide...quite a lot in our case...over the summer. Start backing up bedtime--and getting up time by 10-15 minutes a day. Do this for a week or more before school starts to get body clocks back onto school time. Try not to make a big jump. Suddenly backing up bedtime by an hour is only going to be an exercise in futility. Your kids won't be sleepy and won't head off to dreamland well. Little by little, move it backwards so they don't feel a large jump in the time frame.

* Pack ahead of time. Prepack backpacks and have clothes laid out the night before school starts. Have breakfast plans in mind so it's not a scramble. Seems like the first day of school is always a mad dash to the finish line. Don't add stress to yourself (or your kids) by leaving everything to the last minute.

* Finally, don't be a helicopter parent. You know helicopter parents, always hovering nearby. It makes the transition to school even harder for your younger child--and your older kids don't want you anywhere near them. It breaks my heart every year to see kids crying in the room and their parents just won't go. I promise, your child will adjust better if you make a clean break of it. Teachers are trained professionals. They know how to help your child dry his/her tears and have a successful and happy day. It may not be perfect and it may take a little time for the tears to stop each morning...but when you hover, it feeds their drama and the tears won't stop. Hug, kiss, word of encouragement, I love you and out the door. Don't look back. Trust your teacher and the school staff.

Remember, back to school should be an exciting time for you and your little ones. With a little preparation and planning, it can be a smooth transition to a wonderful world of learning.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Disney Dreams: Animal Kingdom

For our first full Disney Day, we went to Animal Kingdom. We knew we'd get a later start on the day as we had to check out of the rental house and check into our resort. It was HOT that day and the lines were really long. We discovered on the first ride (Kilimanjaro Safari) that having a special needs pass for Nathan was going to be the golden ticket for our week at Disney. As he melts down when overloaded with too much sensory stimulation (including crowds, flashing lights, loud noises and lines), the pass really saved us on many occasions. As we told Nathan, this was a good day to have autism. 


This reticulated giraffe got up close and personal with us.

Baby elephant

Post safari ride, we headed down to see the Lion King show. One of my favorite shows at Disney World.
Finale with all the cast members.

After the Lion King, we found a picture taking place. Rebekah (L) and Nathan (R). 
Yes, I'm aware that they look alike--kind of scary in a way. 

Of course we had to get some photos of the Tree of Life. The animals carved into the trunk are amazing.

Before we left, Andrew decided he was going to ride Expedition Everest. He's never been on a thrill ride or real roller coaster before. Rebekah really wanted to ride (we couldn't talk her out of it). But fortunate...ummm...sadly enough, she was too short. (Phew!)

Andrew had a blast and so did we. That was truly one of the best coaster rides I've ever been on. Next time, I might have to skip the safari and ride this a few more times. 

Because I love the attention to every detail, I had to take a photo of the lantern light. See the animals and the tree of life on it?
Tired but happy Rebekah at the end of our first park day.

Nathan, Tio & Andrew

What a cute mug!

What a wonderful first day. Oh--the photo is on Sean's phone, but we had a fun experience at lunch. I'm known in my family as the person who knows everyone. While that's not really true, I've been in enough groups around town that we very rarely go somewhere where I don't know anyone. We always run into random classmates, MOPS friends, P.E.O. sisters, etc. in any restaurant, store, museum, etc.

So we're getting refills on our drinks before we leave the restaurant and I suddenly say, Hi Kristy--is that you? Sean about dropped pops everywhere. Yup, sure enough. I ran into somebody I knew. She's the mom of one of Andrew's school friends. They happen to be at Disney same time we are. I grab Andrew, announce that I found someone I knew and took him to see his friend. 

Yup, I ran into someone I knew. 

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