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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tips on Tuesday: How to use Walgreen's Rebates

I'm often asked how I end up with so much free stuff. I've learned to play the system. If you learn a few basics, you can have things like free toothpaste for the rest of your life. (That's why I haven't tried making my own yet. LOL!)

Walgreens is one of the easiest and most user friendly rebate systems available. Go to any Walgreens (WG) and grab the rebate book of the month. You can also find it online at

I go through the book and anything I think I can use or donate that is free after rebate, I will purchase. For items that might have coupons (like toothpaste), I will often wait until closer to the end of the month to purchase. Chances are, there will be a coupon in a Sunday paper during the month. You are reimbursed the purchase price (BEFORE coupons) in the rebate so a coupon helps you make money. When you file your rebate, get it in the form of a WG Gift Card and they will tack an extra 10% onto your amount. This pays your tax and gives you more money to use for the next month of rebates.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Even if it's a product you can't/won't use, consider getting it if it is Free After Rebate (FAR) and donating it. Women's shelters and most food banks will take personal care items such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc. If you can get it for free, please consider donating it to somebody else.

The best part of the Easy Saver Rebate program is that it is now online!! Using the link above, you can register yourself and log all your rebates online. Saves the stamp and no chance of forgetting to mail. I log each receipt the day I purchase it. Then I always select "Save and Return Later" in case I purchase more in the month. It automatically uploads at the end of the rebate period and sends you the gift card or adds to your existing gift card. If you add to your existing gift card, it tends to load 3-4 days after the rebate closes.

I usually have enough on my gift card to purchase everything for the next month plus add a few extras along the way.
Here is a look at the freebies for September. (If you got the Proctor & Gamble coupons in the Sunday paper, there was a coupon for the Crest Pro-Health. You make money this month with the Easy Saver.)


Anonymous said...

Robyn -
Thanks for showing me in an easy manner how this works. I have wanted to try it as I have seen the whole WG on other blogs but didn't know how to do it. Online is great - I will give it a try. Love your Tuesday tips.

Cheryl St.John said...

You can donate the anti-wrinkle cream to a good cause! Moi.

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