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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Apple Fun

My parents & I decided to go to a local orchard to get some apples (and stop at the nearby outlet mall). Sean ended up taking Friday off and joining us for the trip. Rebekah hasn't ever been to the orchards before, so this was a fun special day for her. She enjoyed having Dad & Mom (and Poppa & Grandma) to herself...even if it wore daddy out.

At the orchard, we walked around to pick apples. They weren't marked well, so we don't really know what we picked. We would taste one off a tree and if it wasn't too tart, we'd pick a bunch. I think Rebekah ate about 4 small apples out there.

She also found a baby squash that she adopted. I wasn't sure if she would use it to club her dad while sitting on his shoulders or not.

Here's a fun photo---it's a scarecrow...

No--it's a Rebekah. Children of the Corn come to life. AAAhhhhhhh!!!

At the outlet mall, Sean found the cutest shirt. Each one of us laughed and laughed when we saw it. I had to purchase. I don't have the best photos because the streak was running from the paparazzi while putting Nathan's jacket on.

1 comment:

Jennifer C said...

I'm jealous of the "fallness" that you are experiencing in NE...still hot here!:) Are your sister and bro in law in Houston okay? Have a great week!

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