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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tips on Tuesday: Some Fun Freebies

I get a lot of questions on how I get so much free stuff. Part of it comes down to being willing to register online and perhaps receive an extra email or two. (Remember, you can always unsubscribe or mark the sender as junk/spam and not have to deal with the company's emails.) I search certain places (like all the time and I glance through all the e-newsletters I get to see if free samples are in there. Proctor & Gamble, all shampoo companies, Dove and a few others always have some sort of free sample to offer.

Here are a few I've found or been sent this week:
  • Free Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookie here. You're supposed to get a 2nd free cookie if you play the game. I tried playing and supposedly won--but it wouldn't let me register for a 2nd free cookie. If anyone figures out how that 2nd cookie works, let me know.
  • continues to have freebies all the time. You can go here and see what is free this week. I bookmark and check every week.
  • Free subscription to Traditional Home Magazine here. (No credit card required on this one!)
  • Free reusable tote bag and coupons here.
  • Info. on a free can of Organic Baby Formula here.
  • Arby's Coupons (OK--the food is not free, but I LOVE to eat there) can be found here.
I know there are hundreds upon hundreds of free offers and samples on the web. If you know of some additional good ones, please post for the rest of us.

Happy Freebie Hunting!

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