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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baseball Game & Concert

I looked back in the blog and realized we (that's me and the frog in my pocket) forgot to post about our baseball game experience. It was on our "Summer to do" list to see a local baseball game. We earned free tickets with the library summer reading club. One morning, I went down and traded in our free tickets for reserved seats in our favorite row in the stadium.

Yes, I have a favorite row in the entire stadium so you can stop laughing now. Yes, I like it so much that I took a 40 minute round trip just to spend 3 minutes upgrading and purchasing our tickets in our favorite row. It's the last row of bottom section so if the kids stand in their seats, they don't obstruct the view of anyone behind them. You walk straight down the ramp behind our row and you are at BOTH bathrooms and a concession stand. It's just to the right of home plate so you can watch everyone run down the first base line. It's the best row ever. And I'm not hip on sharing my row with you on the blog. Ha. Find your own row.
We took my parents as a treat. Hmmm---hottest day ever, extra innings, extremely late night with fireworks and concert. Maybe it wasn't a treat to them after all. Oh well, we have photos of the whole family.
After the game (did I mention it was one of the hottest days of the year?) was a fireworks show followed by a free concert of our favorite artist, Mark Shultz. When our family attends a baseball game with fireworks, you are guaranteed extra innings. I know this and it's part of the reason I took reserved seats over general admission. We tried to get there late (I was aiming for middle of the 3rd), but as it turned out we only missed the first inning. Rats!
By the 5th inning, Rebekah was sweating buckets. Sean was trying to keep her cool by pouring water on her head. So she looks a little water-logged here.

Here's the scoreboard at the top of the 10th. We made it 11 innings before our team lost. Can you see the time on the 11th inning??
After the game we still have the fireworks (Rebekah thought they were too loud so she covered her eyes to squint out through her hands.) Daddy & I realized she was saying, "Shhhh" to the fireworks and he covered her ears.
The concert finally started around 11pm. By 11:30, the entire family was beyond done so we left. We did get up right by the stage on the side. It was just behind the big speaker stack for the outdoor concert and was a quieter place to listen.

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Sher said...

It was a long, hot night but we sure had a good time!!

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