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Friday, September 26, 2008

Why I can't get anything done...

Yesterday was what I consider to be pretty much a waste. I got up today and wondered how I could be so tired when NOTHING got accomplished yesterday.

Then I looked at my day. Take a deep breath and hold onto your hat as I:
6:30--woke up before alarm went off got up to let Sean sleep
6:45--started trying to get Andrew out of bed for school, argued over whether or not he would go and nagged him to get dressed
7:08--Andrew out the door 2 minutes early!!
7:10--Start getting dressed and ready for the day
7:20--Rebekah up, change and dress her
7:30--Start kicking Sean out of bed
**Somewhere in here Nathan got up and went to watch TV--where it's safe!
7:45--Start moving Nathan towards dressed
8:00--feed everyone
8:20--need to leave, but need pics of Nathan in his Cowboys Duds for Round Up Days!
8:25--Sean takes Nathan to school, keeps Rebekah home while he works from home and I head to MOPS to work in the nursery
11:30--done at MOPS, head straight to doctor's office
11:50--Hook up with Sean & Rebekah at doctor's office, tag team trade child so he can get his Round Up Lunch at work and head home to continue working.
**At doctor's office for LONG time. Diaper bag was left at home by mistake. No cup, no snacks, no diapers and no toys. Entertain active 2 year old with Working Mom magazine (no kid magazine's either). Sing songs until I'm hoarse and try to keep child from breaking medical equipment.
1:15--TWO HOURS LATER--Find out strep screen is negative, she must have had a virus
1:30--Feed Rebekah and Mommy some lunch
2:00--Try to get Rebekah to take a nap as her naptime is really 1pm.
2:30--Start the carpool run--which was a bust because the middle school kids went to the football game. Some fast talking later, Andrew gave me his junk and I drove home alone so he could go to the game, too.
3:30--Off to Elementary school carpool run
4:00--Home and everyone unloaded, find out our 5pm appt. can take us at 4:30 to sign papers
4:15--Load up kids and off we go
5:00--Home from signing papers, Andrew walked home from football game and is waiting for us (he knew he'd have to wait a bit for us)
UPDATE--It's now 5pm and I haven't done ONE thing today. My list is something like 48 items long 'to do' but not one thing is done.

5:05--6:10--Make dinner, feed family at 6:10 (During making dinner, tried to field two phone calls from my family, worked with Nathan to get piano done, found Rebekah had unrolled an entire roll of TP in my family room, kept on Andrew to finish homework and actually cooked a meal in the skillet.)
6:50--Sean off to church while I hassle, threaten and coerce children to do homework and play piano.
8:30--Kids in bed (got 2 of them showers), Sean is home and I'm so tired I can't lift my tired self off the couch to go to bed.

Can I get an "Amen, sister" from all the tired moms out there!?!?! No wonder I'm pooped.

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Jennifer C said...

We moms are the hardest working people on the planet and the crazy thing is, that we do it for free! Honestly though...would we have it any other way?:) Hope today is a more "productive" one!:)

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