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Friday, September 05, 2008

Zoo Trip with Poppa & Grandma

While Poppa & Grandma where here for the weekend, we decided to take a little trip to the zoo. They haven't been in several years and we've added quite a few exhibits. However, we only made it to the butterflies and the aquarium. Oh well, we'll check cats, bears, monkeys and more the next time we go.

Nathan and Andrew both loved studying the fish.

Check out Rebekah's new monkey backpack (also known as the "ha-ha" backpack because monkey in Rebekah speak is ha-ha......what does the monkey say....oo-ooh you know). It's really a harness and leash. It used to be you'd get the evil eye if you used a harness and leash on your child. Disguise it as a ha-ha and everyone wants one. For those of you who'd like one of your own, check Walmart out. They come in assorted animals but we got the ha-ha for the Curious George freak. She likes to dart away from you and they won't allow any strollers in the butterfly exhibit. This presents a large challenge with a darter. After our last zoo trip, I made sure I got one of these harnesses before we'd go back to the zoo.

I enjoy the zoo, but after two hours I get cranky tired and my kids recognize the edge of steel in my voice as they begin to volunteer to leave.

After the zoo, the cranky tired mom needed food and a jolt of caffeine to keep her going without causing somebody bodily harm. We saw King Kong restaurant and the boys started chiming to go in. Mongo-burgers, here we come! We had a great time.

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