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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Star of the Week

Nathan was the "Star of the Week" in his kindergarten classroom. The "Star" gets to bring pictures, write out information sheets and bring a couple special items from home. Then the parent gets to come for opening and tell about the child. The other kids share what makes the "Star" special. Some of the comments for Nathan were:

*He's kind
*He has a beautiful smile
*He's my best friend and we were best friends at preschool (Meg)
*He has a fantastic sense of humor (his student teacher)
*He's nice to everyone

What a great time for me as a parent to hear what other children think about my precious Nathan.

I couldn't believe how 'grown up' he is after just a few short months of school. He wasn't scared and holding back like the beginning of school. He was confident and self-assured. He spoke clearly and loud enough for all to hear. I admit that there were times I thought I might never see that day.

For his photos, we sent our Christmas picture of the three kids in front of the new house, our family Christmas photo, a picture of Nathan at birth and one of him taken in December. For his special things from home, he took an 8x10 of our family with Mark Shultz (we'll get that autographed next month at our VIP Meet & Greet after the concert), his Disney autograph scrapbook and his new Firefighter puppet.

I took these pictures on his birthday (with the green crown). The last one is posing as a rock star.

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