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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cub of the Week

What an exciting week we've had!!! Birthdays, Star of the Week, Cub of the Month---and on Friday, we found out we have ANOTHER Cub of the Week. Nathan was named Cub of the Week for Citizenship. It's the character pillar focus for this month. It's a purple dog tag.

We had a few tears Friday afternoon when it was announced (believe it or not). He was upset because his first Cub of the Month necklace/dog tag were missing. We lost them about three weeks ago and haven't found them anywhere. Since he's been Cub of the Week before, they are supposed to give him the tag and no chain. He can purchase a replacement chain for $0.50. I thought he was crying and telling me he needed a chain. I'm digging out money and promising him we'll wait until the teacher in charge is done with crossing guard duty. Then I will buy a new chain before we leave the school grounds. Lo and behold, I look in his backpack and there IS a chain attached to his tag. His distress is that they wouldn't give him a replacement red tag (for Kindness). Ah Ha!!!

I promise we'll keep looking at home to find that missing tag. We've looked everywhere and it was just nowhere to be found. In what I can only call a Holy Spirit moment, he said, "Daddy will have to help us lift the couch to get my necklace out from under it." I'm thinking, Daddy already lifted the couch for me in my hunt. I've checked under the couch repeatedly and it's just not there. So we agree to look when Dad gets home.

Can you believe it, the kid digs around with his little hands under the couch and finds the missing necklace. Priase the Lord!! I know God had a hand in this because I promise--it WAS NOT UNDER THE COUCH!

So we now have our red tag reunited with our purple tag. We also added our Tree Frog Webkinz charm so it's loads of fun. Here's a picture of Nathan with his necklace and a close up so you can see his TWO Cub of the Week tags plus the coveted Webkinz charm.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank God you find the other necklace (I heard poor Rebekah was being blamed for its disappearance). What an answer to prayer. However, I fear that these Cub of the Week charms could start another ebay craze as parents try to purchase missing charms :-)

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