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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Please pray for our school family.

It was announced this morning that our media specialist (librarian) passed away last night. She fought brain cancer last year and it came back this winter. She was a well loved teacher and so much fun. She had a guitar (named Honda) that she used at school. There was lots of singing and laughing in the library. Since Mrs. H was one of the original staff members when school opened, she was known by everyone.

We've missed seeing her smiling face the past couple of months and this really hit the entire school hard. Her son is Andrew's age so it makes it extra hard in this house. We've talked to our children about her being a Christian so we know she's in Heaven now. But, that doesn't always take all the sad away right now.

There were grief counselors on hand all day today and I spoke to our principal who deemed the Box Tops Pizza Party would happen as scheduled. I hoped she would allow the party as the kids were so excited about it. We agreed that keeping things as normal as possible is the best thing to help the students. It also gave 5 (yes, I did FIVE) classes of kids a bright spot in their day.

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