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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Shower Stories

Oh the saga of the shower. What is it about water, bathrooms and children that make parents go stark raving nuts? What posesses these normally intelligent creatures (the children) to act like ding-dongs?

The other night, we needed to give the boys a shower. (Please note Rebekah had a shower in the morning and it's now evening before bedtime.) Sean turns on the water to get the temp right. Rebekah runs from the far reaches of the house to play in the stream of water from the faucet (thereby soaking herself).
When the water is ok, he turns it to shower and leaves the shower door halfway open so Andrew can get into the shower. Rebekah returns a second time from the far reaches of the house to play in the shower stream. Sean kicks her out AGAIN and shuts the door to the bedroom to keep her out.

Andrew has been in the shower for a few minutes while our Pokey Little Puppy (Nathan) has messed around going potty, taken off his socks and run them to the hamper in his room. (Oh, that leaves our bedroom door open so Rebekah can sneak in to try to play in water. Kick her out again and shut door behind Nathan.) Nathan takes off his shirt and runs it back to his room to the hamper. (See Rebekah problem--again.) Sean is telling him to finish up and get into the shower and when he walks into the bathroom, he slips on a puddle. Andrew has the shower door wide open and is messing around in the water creating a big mess on the floor.

"Dude," Sean tells him, "don't you know enough to shut the shower door?"
"Well, it was open so I left it that way."
"You made a huge mess--SHUT THE DOOR!!!"

Sean yells out to Nathan, "Be careful coming in here, the floor is......" Thunk!

Nathan came running in while Sean was talking and slipped and fell on the floor. After making sure Nathan is OK, Sean gets him standing and tells him to get in. Nathan grabs a towel. Sean thinks (first mistake here--never 'assume' anything as a parent) that he wants to help clean up the mess. However, he sits down to dry his feet off. His FEET--before taking a SHOWER!!!

"Dude," says the mightily annoyed daddy, "you're going to get in the shower and your feet will be WET. Just get in!!!"
"Ok, Daddy." Then he proceeds to shift around to sitting on the towel and drying his rear end.
The poor daddy, who has had quite enough by now tells him, "Get in the shower and stop using my clean towel to dry your dirty butt. Clean your butt first!" (He even used the inappropriate word butt instead of the more politically correct bottom.)

Finally, Nathan gets into the shower.

Ah, peace at last---until the hair washing begins...We'll save that story for another day.

1 comment:

Jennifer C said...

Robyn, That was a hilarious story! I needed a good laugh today!:) Thanks!

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