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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No Snow, No Sleet, No School

Well, after our Snow Day in the early winter and our Sleet Day (which didn't end up beeing very icy after all), we can add to the list a day of "it's too cold to have school". While I admit I was secretly happy for a day off (even though we had 1/2 day Friday and no school Monday or Tuesday), I really do love Snow Days. I think I like them better without the snow. However, I could do without the cold. Man it was frigid!!!!

I did still have to get my teeth cleaned at the dentist today. Luckily for me, there was a cancellation and I was able to get both boys in as well so we don't have to miss more school later this week for them. The low overnight was -8 and by 9:00am, it was still only a -7 temperature without factoring in wind chill. The wind chill at 8:00am was -28. Can you say Brrrrr?!?!? I think we made it up to double digits eventually. Eleven degreees. Wow. How warm (haha).

Good thing we have that handy dandy new mini-trampoline for the kids to jump on. (Even Andrew, who is too big to jump on it, has found creative uses for the mini-tramp. Did you know the remote controlled Jeep flies really well off of the mini-tramp?)

Poor Rebekah was up from about 3:30am until 7:00am throwing up, then dry-heaving every half hour, on the half hour. It was nice to have our schedule put on hold so we could all rest. Once she got up this morning, she seemed right as rain. She was miffed that we wouldn't feed her yogurt since crackers aren't the diet of hungry toddlers. We relented and gave her juice when she was able to keep the crackers down. She drank her weeks allotment of juice in a single day. She was off and running all afternoon with the boys. She started pointing to her left ear and telling Andrew "owie" today. I'm keeping close tabs on this development. Please pray for complete healing in her little body. I'm believing for one child who doesn't need tubes. I think the four sets we purchased for the boys is enough college tuition for our ENT's children.

A few cute pics from the other day. I've been working with Rebekah to put 'pretty' things in her hair. She actually left her pretty in all morning at church on Sunday. Monday I worked with her for a while and she did leave them in for almost an hour. Here's a few photos of the pretty in her hair and then her and Nathan having a grand time in her big bed (used by mommy & daddy to get her to sleep in her crib).

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