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Thursday, February 28, 2008

More about Mr. Bear

I downloaded my camera so you could see more of Mr. Bear. Nathan's first journal entry is, "Me and Ted jumped on the trampuelen." I've also got his final entry--the picture of sad Nathan saying "Bey" (bye) to Mr. Bear.

Additionally, here are pictures of our clownfish and sea turtle. Our Tio & Tia adopted a Sea Turtle for Andrew and a Clownfish (Nemo) for Nathan. Nathan wanted to know which fish was his. Sean explained that we pay to care for the fish and it helps more than one clownfish. So, he could pick the one that is his fish. We only saw one sea turtle (although I think there are two), so it's the one we deemed belonging to Andrew.

Here are pictures of my monkeys. It's always monkey-see, monkey-do around here. First Nathan hangs from the vine. Andrew thinks it looks fun so they both hang. Dad (after getting Rebekah who ran away the other direction) was walking past the vine when she snagged it and hung on for all she's worth. He points out he is NOT holding her up in this photo. She is fully hanging from the vine.

My life often resembles a zoo.....

Stop laughing!

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