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Monday, February 18, 2008

Some Assembly Required

Some assembly required. They ought to outlaw those words on ANY box. We should go with truth in advertising. Something like, "When putting this together, you will use words that make sailors blush. Please don't assemble this child's toy in the vicinity of any children." Wouldn't that make more sense??

Why my rant? Well, local store has big sale going on right now for Webkinz---oh yeah, we're back to the Flying W again in the blog---so my boys find it necessary to spend their Valentine's day gift (money) on new Webkinz. Like the animal farm we had wasn't enough!?!

So Nathan got a German Shepherd (named him Safety) and Andrew got a Grey Cat (named him Kat). During the big spending spree, Nathan spent most of the time jumping on a mini-trampoline. It's got a handle to hold while you jump. He has spent all his time jumping on that thing for about the last year. Every visit finds him jumping away. Of course, at home, you can find him jumping almost 24/7.

Sean discovers the expensive mini-tramp is on sale for 40% off. Still expensive, but a little more reasonable. After discussion into the night on the pros/cons, we decided to use some of Nathan & Rebekah's Christmas money to purchase the mini-trampoline. I went today to look it over and make the final decision. Decided to purchase the thing. Brought it home and decided to get it out for Nathan and Rebekah to jump on. It's a fold up thing, so just unfold and go--right?? WRONG! That's when I spot the dreaded words, "Some assembly required." UGH! I did get pretty far until the step where you hold the bungee cord for your partner to tie so the whole thing doesn't come apart. Hmmm---while I can multi-task, I haven't achieved the status of Octopus just yet. So I set the project aside and waited for Daddy to get home.

Nathan helped put the finishing touches on for us and here's the pictures of Nathan and Rebekah jumping away. We're hoping this is an outlet for our Jumping Bean (Nathan) to use instead of constantly sounding like an elephant crashing through the ceiling of our home.

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