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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Birthday Bonanza

Well, somebody got to go to dinner for his birthday. We went to Chili's and had a great time. Afterwards, we came home to open birthday gifts. "The talk" about thankfulness for gifts has firmly stuck in his brain. He's grateful for everything from the gift to the envelope the card came in. He did get some cool cards--one even plays "I want to Rock N Roll"--oh yeah, great cards.

Then came the clothes. We got lots of clothes. That's great, we can use all of them. The funny part was that every piece of clothing had to be arranged on his lap (for pants) or on his chest (for shirts) and we had to take a photo. So I will attempt to document every outfit the child received this birthday season.

Even better--he got not one but TWO more Webkinz. The boy now has 6 (yes, I meant to type SIX) Webkinz. One for every year of his life. However, he's already planning for more. To the left is Black D (for Black Dog) our new Black Lab.

Once they were all adopted, he got everyone in their swimsuits (is it scary that he already had 6 swimsuits when he originally had two webkinz?) and had all six playing together in his pool area. He has a pool and a hot tub while the rest were playing games at the picnic tables. Anyone with Webkinz, let us know your name and we'll make you our friends. Then you can come visit Nathan in his Webkinz Mansion. He has 31 rooms (frugal Andrew has 7) for his pets and plenty of bedrooms for all his friends to have a sleepover.

I'm working to get a picture of Nathan with all six Webkinz so you can see his new family. However, it's hard to get that many animals to behave at one time. (haha)

Here's a picture of our new Bullfrog. His name is Bull J (for Bullfrog Jump). The other frogs are Jump and Jumpy. Hope that helps you understand the frog naming routine.

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