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Friday, January 09, 2009

What were Wii Thinking?!?!?

OK--I'll admit to it. We let our children wear us down over two very long years. After this erosion of our energy, the grandparents called to say they were three states away from home at a little town Walmart with a Wii in their hands. Could the kids have it for Christmas?

They got my husband who was leading the anti-Wii parade for me (he'd rather have a Playstation) and he agreed to the Wii. I didn't think I really cared one way or the other. So fine, get a Wii--can't be worse than that Game Cube we have that I wasn't too excited about.

I'm now hoping the initial attraction wears off soon! I'm not to into the games, but I'm thinking I might get myself a Wii Fit. My sister has one and I found THOSE games to be a lot of fun. Maybe it's because I was hitting the top 10 list and I never come close on the standard games.

Anyway, we have strong rules about the Wii. Learned from children of a close friend that they get no gaming devices from Sunday night bedtime until Friday night (maybe) once homework and music practice is complete. Now there's a set of rules I groove on! From Christmas to school starting was a little Wii overload. Almost every waking minute was spent on the thing. Now that school is back in session, they really haven't had time to play it, so they haven't noticed the restriction so much. I'm hoping that we could introduce it back in moderation as a reward for doing homework and piano/drum practice without whining, complaining and having General Mom come to force the work to be done.

I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, here's the video of my jumping, hollering---did they win a Gold Medal at the Olympics or just get a Wii--children on Christmas morning. Keep in mind, we gave them a couple gifts right before this of two Wii games with notes attached saying they could play them at Tio & Tia's house as well as when they went to a friend's house with Wii. I know, sounds cruel, but seemed like the only way to let them open the gift without ruining the surprise. Lord knows, this was the LAST gift they opened!

Enjoy! (Remember to pause the jukebox at the bottom before playing.)

1 comment:

Sher said...

We had a little Wii overload over Christmas too. I have wii thumb right now from trying to help Camden find a new galaxy on Super Mario Galaxy. That's a fun game!!

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