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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tio & Tia's Fun House

When we go visit my folks, my sister and husband are only about a mile away. Tio & Tia (uncle & aunt in Spanish) have the coolest just need to ask my kids.

First--They have Wii. Of course, we now have Wii, too...but my kids didn't know that before Christmas.

Second--They have a dog, Zeus. Keep in mind, in Greek mythology, Zeus is the god of all gods. He's the supreme ruler and the god of weather, holding a lightning bolt in his hands. Let's face it, he's the big kahuna god in Greek mythology. Based on that line of reasoning, most people are surprised to find out Zeus is a miniature daschund.

Third--Putt putt. Tio is an extraordinary golfer and he put in a putting green in the backyard. Must admit, saves a lot of time on mowing since it's astro turf, but it's a blast.

Fourth--Tio & Tia have a massage bed. While the kids don't really like the massage bed, they do like the way a parent will disappear for a half hour or more and then be really relaxed and sleepy.

Fifth--Tio is an awesome cook. Authentic Mexican food, gourmet foods including a marinated lamb kabob that I would walk over broken glass to get to. Wow! I just take elastic pants on vacations there so I can eat what I want to eat.

Finally--My kids love their Tio & Tia and would give up all the 'stuff' just to be with them. I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful that my kids think their Tio & Tia are the coolest in the world. I agree with the kids--they are the coolest, but I've been accused of favoritism.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Aaahhh--Tio and Tia love the kids too. They are the world's greatest nephews and niece. And let's face it, their folks aren't half bad either :-)

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