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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Home at Last!

We're home from our vacation. Time (as always) was too short with my family. Lots of fun times, great memories, and too much food! I'm sure I'll be taking off pounds for months. UGH! But it tasted so good at the time.

Drive was long but the kids did great. On the way home, we managed to keep it to 3 hours total TV time on a 14.5 hour trip. Lots of reading, resting and playing with the new magnetic Disney magnets and scenes our wonderful Tia found at DisneyWorld (on clearance--way to go sister of mine).

Will post more pictures from our trip later. For now, I need to go put my feet up on a non-moving surface (the couch), drink a glass of water, spend a little time with Sean since he goes back to work tomorrow and hit the hay early.

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