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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some Christmas Fun--in January

This back lit cutout is in front of my parent's church.

Here we are, one month after Christmas, and I haven't posted any CHRISTMAS photos yet. Ooops! So Happy One Month Anniversary of Christmas 2008! Here's our Christmas in photos.

Christmas Eve Nice Photo of Family and of Kids...

Then the boys started messing around...

Christmas morning starts with stockings and cinnamon rolls (in lieu of birthday cake) for Jesus. We sing happy birthday and blow out the candle. The kids got those glasses that make the Christmas lights look like angels, snowmen, bells, etc.

I tried to pick some of the best photos showing their expressions---priceless!

Rebekah's new monkey hat and gloves. The palm side of the gloves have paws on them.

All my sister wanted for Christmas was new toilet seats...seriously. She's been asking for over 6 months now. So, my folks bought her toilet seats. She's a happy camper.
Zeus likes to 'get into' opening his gifts. He ends up getting stuck inside a gift bag at least once a year.
Tio says, "Go Big Red!!!"


Sher said...

OK this may be inappropriate but when I first read the paragraph about your sister in my mind, I read, she's a happy crapper. Sorry. I couldn't resist sharing.

Coolestmommy said...

Rats--wish I would have thought to put Happy much funnier than camper. LOL!

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