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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Update on Baby Coy

I'm thrilled to note that Precious Coy is now a happy, totally healthy 1 year old. If you remember, he was a micro-preemie born at only 23 weeks. As soon as I heard about Coy, God put him on my heart in a mighty way. I was up many nights praying through the night for Coy. Praise the Lord, God healed him and today he might be a little smaller than other 1 year olds, but shows no lasting effect from all that he went through.

During the first several months of Coy's life, I mentioned (repeatedly) to Coy's mom, Ann Marie, that when I got down near them, I was going to see that baby--or else! Coy is like one of my children in the depth of my love and prayers for him. Coy's Grandma Kathy is my mother's Bible Study leader and (God Bless You Kathy from the bottom of my heart!!!) she arranged for me to finally meet Ann Marie and Coy face to face.

Here's a picture of the three of us. All I can say is, "God IS good--all the time!" I cried on my way home after meeting them. I cry every time I think of Coy. I'm so thankful that God heard the cries of so many hearts and answered all of our prayers in a miraculous way. I'm honored to have been able to watch Coy go from a 2% chance of survival to totally healed.

Thank you Kathy and Ann Marie for letting me meet your little guy. Next year, I want to squeeze and hug cousin Ryder as well. Both boys have had equally fervent prayers lifted up from this mom for each one of them. I can't wait to hug and squeeze both of them together. I didn't get to meet Ryder and his mom Jenny because Ryder had a virus with a high fever. Ahh--the anticipation of next year.

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