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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Parties Today

Nathan got to have his snowed out Valentine's party today at school. Thankfully, Sean was able to work from home this afternoon and pick up the middle school kids so I could attend. Nathan was so sweet when I originally told him I couldn't come today because I had to get the carpool kids. He said, "It's ok mom, I understand," then he turned away and his shoulders slumped a little as he walked away. It broke my heart.

His willingness to accept my inability to attend while being sad inside let me to do as Winnie the Pooh tells us and think, think, think. I thought of several dead ends, then hatched my plan to get Sean home for the afternoon. He and his boss agreed so it worked out well.

The party was a huge success...even though I forgot to take photos. I took the Plinko Board the boys made with their Grandpa this summer. What a hit!! Each child (20 in all) got to take 3 turns playing plinko. Amazingly enough, every child was a winner and won some of the candy the other moms donated. Another mom came up with a "Valentine Mailman" game similar to who's got the button. They enjoyed that one, too. Our room mom (yes, for once it wasn't me in charge) had a coloring sheet, but we ran out of time. After the two games, they ate their cookies and juice and opened their valentines. Nathan's teacher makes them read each card and think the friend that gave it to them. Took us right up to the end of the day.

It's always interesting to spend some time interacting with his classmates. They are each so unique and in first grade, they tell it like they see it. I had a chance to read through the Lost Tooth Book...including Nathan's two entries. (Hint: future blog article being foreshadowed.)

What a crazy, fun, exciting, exhausting afternoon!

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