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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Did I mention the ears?

Rebekah has been fighting a cold this week. I kept her home from everything except Nathan's party. She had been fever-free for over 36 hours when we had his party so she was clear to go. The runny nose hasn't quit and yesterday morning, she was digging in her right ear saying it was an ouchie. When we questioned her 20 minutes later, she insisted there were no owies.

Post nap, she was grumpy, but we thought she was showing that delightful side of age 2. About 5:15 she starts crying for no apparent reason and won't tell us what she wants. She wants food, but wont eat, wants a drink, but won't take any. Fought against the diaper change. Just out of control. Finally I tell her I've had enough and if she doesn't use her big girl words to tell me what's wrong she is going to her room to cry in her crib. Then she grabs both ears and howls ouchie, ouchie, ouchie over and over with giant tears rolling down her face. (At this moment, I feel like the worst mom ever.)

I race over to urgent care at 5:54 (they close at 6). Got there at 6:01 and they were closed up. Came home and drugged her up and we had a really rough night. I was just waiting for noon to come around so we could head back to urgent care. She fell asleep (finally) from 10:30--12:30 so we got there around 1pm. The doctor took a look in the 'good' ear and said, "That's not so good." I told her that the right ear was actually the one Rebekah was complaining about. She looked in that ear and said, "Wow--that's even worse!" Rebekah thankfully said, "Ahh" so they didn't have to gag her to look in her throat. The doctor said, "Just as I thought."

Her next question was Amoxocillin or Omnicef. Ummm--aren't you the doctor? I said Amoxil has worked most of the time in the past but not all of the time. I did think to say, "So how bad are those ears?" to which she replied "It's really bad." I picked the Omnicef and she told me I made a good choice. I think this has to do with not giving kids too much antibiotics when they are young. But after listening to her cry off and on all evening, all night and all morning--I'm picking the strongest medicine they will give me.

She's already perking up after the first dose (and more pain medication). Good news, it's a once a day medicine instead of three times a day. Bad news, holds a $60 price tag instead of a $10 generic price tag. YUCK! The real irritation I had at the pharmacy isn't their fault. We discovered this morning that Rebekah had put a crack in her final binky. We were going to take it away and be done with the pacifier. However, I find it to be cruel and unusual punishment to make her go cold turkey with a raging double ear infection. I had to find and purchase a replacement binky at the store.

In the meantime, the entire family has caught the cold that started it all. Pray for us and our health as we try to recover. I made Butter Ball soup yesterday (chicken & noodle with German bread dumplings for those who haven't had it before) and that always makes me feel better. Lots of rest and naps and Sean & I are praying for a full night of sleep. Getting up every few hours is not so easy when you're older and out of newborn baby mode.

Thank you for your prayers.


MommyRU said...

Awww..I hope everyone is all better soon!

MommyRU said...
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