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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Nathan 7 years ago---and today!

Who can believe it? Nathan is now seven years old. Seems like yesterday when we were racing to the hospital (made it with three minutes to spare) to have our little peanut. He's gone from a long and tiny baby to a tall and slender boy. We had his party at the McDonald's with the giant playplace again. The kids liked it so well last year that it seemed like the thing to do.

They had a great time in the playplace and then we had our Happy Meals, cake and ice cream. We laughed at the cake though--you aren't allowed to light candles in McD so we sang and made him pretend to blow out candles.

His wonderful friends got him some neat things. A new Webkinz, a pinball machine, a gift card, a baseball trainer and an Eye Spy game. He got more Webkinz from parents & grandparents so there are 3 new ones in his bed. We opened family gifts later at home. He's been playing his new Wii golf game and fighting with his sister over the whole thing. She's getting pretty good with the Wii club--just stand back because the upswing is a little wild.

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Anonymous said...

Time sure flies. It is funny that your Nathan David and my David Nathaniel were due the same day...Feb 28th and born almost a month apart!!! 7 years sure has flown by!!!

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