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Thursday, February 12, 2009

FUNdamentals Piano Festival

Exciting times at our house! Now we have two piano players going to the Fun Fair.

Nathan got to go to his first piano festival. He managed to get perfect 10's in every event which earned him a trophy. There are eight events and he did great on all of them. Since it was his first fair, I got to be his parent guide and go room to room with him. We had a lot of fun together trying to find short lines and planning what we would do next. He really made me giggle because he was so serious about everything. He looked like a pro with his music bag and map of the rooms. Sean was Andrew's parent guide so this was a first for me. It was a great time.

Andrew attended his 5th Fun Fair and it's getting to be pretty tough from this point forward. He had to learn 14 total scales, chords, cadences and arpeggios. The theory gets harder and they have to play more challenging performance pieces. He worked so hard for this fair, so it was a little devastating to him when he made a finger slip in arpeggios and got a 9. Then when he got his theory test results, he missed one question which also was a 9. I know he wanted that trophy, but we keep trying to remind him how well he really did. Only one person in his level even got a trophy--it's that tough! He did earn a rosette which is a very high honor. I'm just thrilled that he did great on both sight reading (his nemesis) and performance. He got 10's in both.

Way to go Andrew & Nathan!!!
We're so proud of you!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I somehow missed that the Fun Fair was somewhere in your crazy schedule recently. Tell the boys that Tia is proud that they each prepared and tried their very best. Congratulations to both! (and here I was just happy to memorize the song Twinkle, Twinkle to play from memory :-) )

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