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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Robyn needs... A new Blog Meme

I was tagged on Facebook for this one and thought it was pretty funny. Thought you might like to see it here, too.

This is pretty fun. Google your first name followed by the word needs, in quotes (e.g., "Joe needs"), and see what you get.

Here are the top 15 things that Robyn needs, according to Google (Robyn's personal commentary in purple):
1. Robyn needs... some love
2. Robyn needs... to feel What is Above and not be afraid that It is an enemy
3. Robyn needs... to be replaced immediately!
4. Robyn needs... to contend with male teasing and often sheer paternal chauvinism (You reading, Sean?)
5. Robyn needs... our help!
6. Robyn needs... a home (although I really like my home and I hate packing, moving and unpacking)
7. Robyn needs... her fans support!
8. Robyn needs... angels for her Christmas shop (even though it's past Valentine's day)
9. Robyn needs... a boyfriend (ok, cancel Sean reading this--haha)
10. Robyn needs... to go home.

A couple great contenders from the 11-20 range include:
--To internet music geeks everywhere Robyn needs absolutely no introduction (I'm popular with internet music geeks?!?! Who knew?)
--Robyn needs to feel What is Above and not be afraid that It is an enemy ... {Huh?} Robyn needs to get in touch with what is above the brows (this guy is writing what I was thinking!)
---Robyn needs to turn 3 more or gain 73 more Zombie points to reach the next level

Google knows amazing stuff about me that I didn't even know. LOL! I'm not going to tag anyone but if you go check your own name--consider yourself tagged. Post back to me and let me know if you end up finding out your needs according to google.
***One final note: After I posted this to the blog and looked at it to make sure it formatted correctly, the purple color looked ok, etc., etc., it suddenly occurred to me how I titled the post. I did it in an informational way (name of post and noting it's a blog meme for those who track memes--another name for tags). However, when this post gets enough hits, it will show up on the google search as..."Robyn needs a new blog meme." Somebody is going to have to post that in their own meme. Maybe you have to be a blog geek to enjoy that, but I'm laughing so hard and deciding I can't change the title because it's too funny for future bloggers.


Nebraska Hockey Mom said...

Mine are SO TERRIBLE! I am not even posting them on my site!! Tonya must be a NAUGHTY name! Here are a few of mine...and they only get worse from here...

Tonya needs a spanking.
Tonya needs to learn to slack up on the booze.
Tonya needs to get a life.
Tonya needs a reminder of what a sexual being she is.

Need I go on??? UGH!

Cheryl St.John said...

Okay, come see mine! This is a crack up.

Ooh Tonya, you are a naughty girl. I couldn't post a couple of mine either. Funny thing was MANY of mine were about Cheryl Burke (Dancing With the Stars) who got all kinds of flack for being "not underweight" on the show this year.

Anonymous said...

emm. attractive thread!

Anonymous said...

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