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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Children's Museum

Got to go to a Member's Only thing yesterday at the Children's Museum. We had a great time and only got to scratch the surface of the exhibits. We plan to go back soon (and when it's less busy) in order to take some time to read more of the information with the exhibits.

I think next time Sean & I will have to divide and conquer. One of us can take the kids to the balls and climbing area while the other one gets some leisure time in the other exhibits to read. Then we'll switch.

Here are some photos of our fun. Daddy & Rebekah learn how drafting works in racing while Mommy tests her reaction time.

All three kids practiced pitching the ball and seeing how fast their pitching speed was. Andrew managed to do this when I wasn't there to get his photo--he's getting sly in his 'old age'.
However, he's learning that those who refuse to pose do so at their own risk. I'll hunt you down and take more photos than you ever thought possible. (Gleeful laugh here!) I caught him racing Dad with the racecars and who wants to throw a race you're winning to avoid a photo?!?
While my boys went to a presentation on the Physics of NASCAR, Rebekah and I did some of the activities that are a little more age appropriate for her. She had a blast with the play house, the giant Magna Doodle, the climbing structure, the balls, etc., etc., etc.

Finally, I have to post what was by far the sweetest thing ever. Rebekah went to the 'grocery store' and took carrots over to the farm exhibit. She fed the cow, then left the carrot for him to finish. She fed the pig another carrot and went back to the store to get a croissant for the sheep. Too precious!

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