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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tips on Tuesday: Winter Fun Checklist or the Winter To Do List

This summer, we saw an idea on another blog to make a list of things to do during the summer. It was designed to give the kids options when they are bored as well as a sense of what they want to accomplish before school starts. (Keeps some of the whining about how 'we never got to do anything this summer' at a minimum.)

It was so popular in our house that we achieved 20 of the 22 things (that Fossil Dig will be back on next summer's list and we put Children's Museum down twice this winter to make up for not going this summer). I couldn't believe it when the kids asked to do a chart for fall/winter. We had a rough list going on the back of an envelope in my purse, but it took me until the end of November to get an official chart up on the fridge. So it's a Winter Fun Chart.

I admit that it was a little more challenging to find free things to put on the list when it's cold and you can't play outside. However, I thought we did a pretty good job making a list of things to do. Many of these things we would do without the list, but it really engages the kids when it's on the list and we go do it. They seem to pay more attention when we go places and do things because it's a big deal if it's on the list. They are working their hearts out to accomplish everything on the list. Not enough naps for this mom as of today, but I'm hoping.

To see the summer list, click here.

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