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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Photo Blog Tag--I'm it!

I've had a couple tags on this one--but it's easy to handle and lots of fun. Since I can't get into Sean's computer right now, I choose to use my camera file for photo selection. (Good thing since the pictures are organized by year on Sean's and I have lots of old scans of pictures from my grandparents.)

It's easy to do--just open your picture files and select the 4th (fourth) photo. Then post it. Since it's an easy one, I'm tagging everyone who hasn't done it yet.

Here's my fourth photo:

Christmas cookie decorating. This plate of cookies was done by Andrew. Thankfully, Grandma had already baked and cooled cookies. She just whipped out the frosting kit she got from a school fundraiser, put out her sprinkles and let them go at it. They had a ball!

Here are Nathan and Andrew with their cookies. (Rebekah was sleeping because I can only take so much fun in one day and I don't find Rebekah and frosting to be fun yet.)

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