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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Because I want to remember

I know many of you have already heard this story from me, but I never want to forget so I want it written down.

Rebekah is a little opinionated at the tender age of 2. In the morning, I'll ask a simple question, "Would you like Fruit Loops or a Cereal Bar for breakfast?" Here's how the rest of the conversation ensues.

Mom: Would you like Fruit Loops or a cereal bar for breakfast?
Rebekah: Ummmm--no, Uh-bekah key-knee (key-knee is candy).
Mom: No candy for breakfast. Cereal bar or Fruit Loops?
Rebekah: Ummmm--no....ummm...ok, sucker.
Mom: No, a sucker is candy. No candy for breakfast.
Rebekah: Sucker key-knee??? (OK--cute the first few days, but by month 2, you think she might just know that a sucker is candy. But she says it like she's stunned out of her mind that somebody changed the ruling overnight and a sucker---which was never candy before---is suddenly candy.)
Mom: Yes, a sucker is candy. No candy for breakfast. Fruit Loops or cereal bar?
Rebekah: Sucker key-knee?? (Indignant at the injustice of the world.) OK--umm...I know, Uh-Bekah chocolate!

Are you kidding me?? I feel like we should take our morning show on the road.

And here's a moment of time I want to hold forever. Rebekah put on Nathan's boots, Nathan's fall jacket with the hood up to be warm, and grabbed her toy. She was going to go to work to see dad. That's when I realized her toy was her version of Daddy's laptop bag. Too sweet for words!

Then I realized what shirt she has on. It's a monkey (for the girl who can't get enough Curious George) with a messy mouth saying, "Do I look like I know where the chocolate is?" Oh my, how appropriate was this purchase?????

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