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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tips on Tuesday: Ringing in the New Year with Children

I'm sure many of you wonder what to do with kids on New Year's Eve. I don't have foolproof answers, but can tell you what we've done through the ages that seems to work best.

We made a choice to spend most New Year's Eve nights at home. We have gone out to parties at times, we've taken them to some parties for adults and kids, and other times we stay home. Of course, we aren't big party animals and I'm no night person, so it's never been a big deal for me to not party in the new year. When we stay home with our kids, here are some ideas of what we do based on their age.

For my youngest children, we usually put them to bed a little late, but not by much. I play their music/noise machines a little louder than normal to combat the fireworks and extra late-night noise. I put them to bed when they aren't cranky-tired, but worn out enough to sleep in a little in the morning.

For the preschool aged and young elementary, play it by ear. We sometimes have allowed them to watch the ball drop in New York, which isn't midnight for us. Then we put them to bed. Late, but not so much that they get over tired. Or, we'll have our own countdown with streamers, horns, hats and confetti (when I used to vacuum more--now, no confetti). We play games and count down and celebrate with clear pop in fancy glasses or with super cool silly straws.

For the even older child, you can let them stay up until midnight. My kids still don't really seem to care to stay up til midnight. They did it once, that was enough. So we go to bed when we're tired and try to sleep in.

Whatever you decide to do, my suggestion is to make it a little special for your kids. If we go out without them on New Year's, we leave them with fun noisemakers, hats, etc. and let them party with the sitter. We buy their favorite junk food munchies to enjoy through the night and get them a special video to watch. They have asked us at various times to go out so they can have fun. (What--are you saying I'm NOT fun to be with?!?!?)

Most of all, remember to be responsible in whatever you do. Please don't drink and drive. Get or be a designated driver or just call a cab. Your life and the lives of those around you are more important than driving yourself home.

Happy New Year!

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