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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Family Fun Day

On Saturday, we took time to have a GIANT Family Fun Day. The boys' swim lessons were over, but yesterday was Family Swim Day. We took everyone to the pool for an hour of swimming. I didn't take photos because it's too hard for one parent to watch both Nathan & Rebekah at the same time. It takes a team to raise our village. :-)

After swimming, we stopped by the house long enough to drop off wet towels and we headed back out. Ate lunch in the car on the road to the nearby Air Museum. What a blast! We knew there was a lot going on Sat. only, but we were able to:

1. Get pictures with Santa in the cockpit of an airplane
2. See a Star Wars enactment group (and there were 2 R2's as well)
3. Have fun doing the usual fun stuff there
4. See a Remote Control Car group doing their monthly meet and racing all over a hanger
5. See to-scale trains from the local train group

From there, we came home grabbing a snack/early dinner. Got everyone in bed EARLY as we were all exhausted!

Here are some great pictures from our day.

We couldn't figure out why the kids were really 'over the top' about the Star Wars stuff. I mean a full Darth Vader (including realistic sound), the Sith, R2D2 AND an R2CM, Storm Trooper everywhere, a Jedi--this is pretty cool stuff. Then we realized we've never let our kids see any of the Star Wars movies. Hmmm--no wonder they are clueless about how cool it is. So Sean & I went back and got OUR picture taken with the crew. It was loads of fun.


Cheryl St.John said...

I so wosh I'd known about the Star Wars thing. Elijah would have LOVED it.

Cheryl St.John said...

that was WISH

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