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Monday, August 11, 2008

Geh-kee no more

It's official. My baby has achieved another milestone that makes her not so much a baby anymore. Say goodbye to Geh-kee. She now calls herself Bekah or Uh-bekah.

I'm crying buckets here. I tried all of last week to only call her Gehkee to see if she'd stick with it a while longer. Can't even trip her up now. Her name is officially Uh-bekah.

The funny thing is we ask so often, "What's your name?" followed by "How old are you?" that the new conversation goes something like this:
Mom: What's your name?
Rebekah: Bekah Two!
Why answer questions all day when you can do a drive by answering?

She's also working on counting. Most days she can do 1-5 without breaking a sweat. However, this weekend it was constantly One, Two, Five!!! If we still lived at our old address, she could have told people where she lived. Thankfully, that's no more.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I noticed that she can count my Webkinz now.


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