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Friday, August 01, 2008

Chicken Bingo

Now that you know all about My Big Fat Lebanese Life and the reunion we hold every year, I have to tell you about our newest form of entertainment. We know every year there will be a DJ (when I was young it was a band--sign of how things change over time) and dancing. Usually there is bingo after dinner as well. This year, prior to the bingo and dancing, we tried a new game called "Chicken Bingo".

Everyone who wants to play pays $2 to hold a specific number on the board (1-100). The reunion got 1/2 the pot and the winner got the other 1/2. We arranged tables around the board to keep the chicken on the playing board. You put the chicken into the pen and wait. There's lots of cheering and razzing going on while you wait.

What are you waiting for?? Do you wonder what the purpose of the game is????

You probably guessed it...

You wait for the chicken to poop on a number. Wherever the chicken poops is the winning number. It was so popular, we had two rounds.

The second round I couldn't get close enough to get any photos, so mine are from the 1st round. You'll never guess who won the second round....

REBEKAH! She won the $100 prize (going straight into her savings account). They came and paid it straight into her little hands. She obviously has money figured out. When Daddy took it and put it in his pocket, she went crazy kicking and crying and trying to throw herself to his pocket to get the money back out. He took out his wallet and gave her $2 (one for each hand) and she was thrilled. She got down, ran to the table where the T-Shirts are sold (yes, we have a new T-shirt design for sale every year) because there was a candy basket there. The candy was free but she kept trying to give the shirt sales gal the money to 'buy' some candy from the basket. Too cute!!!

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