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Friday, August 08, 2008

Pajama Day

It might not have made 'the list', but a pajama day is a tradition around our house. They boys have been asking to have a special treat sleepover on the hide-a-bed. We had nothing on the schedule for today so pulled out the bed for them last night. They stay up late (until 10pm last night) and watch movies. They sleep on the bed and seem to wake extra early to sneak in extra TV time. (Rebekah played with them for a while before heading off to her crib for the night. I'm flexible--not stupid.)

All day they stayed in pajamas (Rebekah, too). They ate popcorn on the bed while watching a movie. They played games in the bed. They just did a lot of nothing. I must say Nathan was the most determined to stay in pajamas. When a friend wanted to come play, I asked Nathan and he said he'd rather just stay in jammies.

To give them an extra special treat, we surprised them tonight by letting them sleep on the hide-a-bed one more time. As soon as they leave for VBS in the morning, the bed goes away for a long time.

I know some of you are wondering. Yes, I did get dressed today. I've been known to take a pajama day with the kids, but I was hoping to (and did) go to Home Depot to get paint for the master bath. That's my Saturday project for Sean & I. (More Sean than I, but sounds better to think I'm 'helping.')

1 comment:

Cheryl St.John said...

Looks fun!

Pictures of the bathroom, please!!

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