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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of School 2008

It's back to school time again. With Andrew off to Middle School, we have two start times over an hour apart. To get back to school pics, we had to take each boy separately. Nathan was still asleep when Andrew went to school.

Here is Andrew off to his first day of Middle School---

It was sad to mom that I couldn't follow him into the building. Well...I COULD have followed him into the building, but we agreed that would embarrass him. I did see a mom dogging her child's every step with a camera and motioning to dad to catch up. Why was this poor boy's father lagging behind?? He had the VIDEO CAMERA to record the poor child's every step.

I was the 'good mom' who dropped him off in the drive through lane, said I love you before the van door opened and said "Have a great day" as he got out.

Here is Nathan off to his first day in First Grade---

Rebekah might have felt a little left out in this photo taking big deal day. She insisted on bringing her purse. It's almost as big as her and inside was a pink poodle, a happy meal toy, and another purse!

Since Nathan is still in Elementary School, I felt no remorse in parking the car and taking him into the building. I was standing in the breakfast line with him when he told me, "Mom, I'm in first grade now. I know how to get my own breakfast. You need to go sit down." Hmmm--o-kay. I went and sat. We got these pictures of the family and Nathan saying, "Yummy glazed twist!"

Here is Nathan opening his locker. He's so big now, no more cubbies. Thankfully, the school is still small enough that he doesn't have a locker partner. I'm sure that will happen down the road, but it's nice for now.

Once school started, Dad went into work (really late) and I took off for shopping with my mom. My dad walked Rebekah around the store for a while. Then they left and went to the park to play. She played for over two hours. She just refused to leave the park. She loves the swings and the WHEE (aka: slide). When they came to meet us for lunch at DQ, she fell asleep on the way. She slept on the bench for an hour, then woke up and was still groggy. I put her in my van, gave her the binky and she conked out again on the way home.

She was still sleeping when it was time to go get Andrew so I called Daddy to the rescue. He got the carpool kids and brought them home. Good thing--she ended up sleeping until after 4 pm! Just about a four hour nap! I guess two hours of swings and slides (Whee) really wear a girl out.

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