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Sunday, July 06, 2008


What's a sprayground?? It's a playground--made of water. We have one close to the new house but didn't get to use it much last year. It's on our Summer List and we made it there last week. About an hour during the heat of the day is all this mama can take. I'd like to go more often in the evening around dinner time. Picnic and frolic as it cools down at the end of the day.

At first, Nathan didn't want to do anything but go home. Rebekah wanted to run in circles around the edges, but NOT get wet. Andrew wanted the rest of them to stop whining and start playing. We met Nathan's friend from school at the sprayground and he was anxious to get Nathan to relax and have fun.

Eventually, Nathan got a girl to give up the water cannon. He wanted to squirt people and she wanted to be squirted.

Andrew taught sissy how to push the button to keep the water going and she made it her personal mission in life to leave no child without spray. She guarded the button and scolded the children as they tried to push it. Then (after she said no water), he picked her up and ran her through the rainbow sprayer. She decided the water was pretty fun and ended up soaked.

Eventually, Nathan got soaked as well. After about an hour and fifteen minutes, we packed up and headed home for lunch and naps. The boys didn't nap, but Rebekah and I took LONG naps. Good thing Sean was working from home that afternoon and could be the grownup in charge. I was too pooped after the fun in the sun to be in charge of anything but napping.

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