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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Great Parenting takes Practice

Last night, Sean and I had a chance to watch the latest installment of one of our favorite new shows, The Baby Borrowers. We especially like the tag line, "It's not babysitting, it's birth control."

As we got done watching these five teen couples battle with potty training, tantrums and the I want my mommy's, I remarked to Sean that it seemed awfully late since it was pushing 11p.m. He remarked that when stellar parents let all three of their kids stay up until almost 10pm, it's hard to watch a show and be done at a reasonable hour.

Hmmm--10pm?? Did we REALLY let the kids stay up that late?? Yup, we did. I let Rebekah watch one episode of Curious George while the boys played outside. My thinking--when this is over, everyone gets ready and goes to bed a little after 9pm. Sean didn't know my thinking, was walking through as George ended (on his way to deal with the 'ant invasion' as the neighbor kids called it) and started another episode. Well, seemed like it was a long time, but when it was over, I got everyone in and to bed. Oops, that was at 9:45 instead of 9:15.

Guess we might need a nanny to shadow us like the couples are shadowed on the Baby Borrowers. Next week--pre-teens. Can't wait for this one!!!!

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