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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Andrew's Summer Fun School

Back blogging to June because we never got his Clown School pictures posted. Andrew & Nathan got to do Summer Fun School back in June. Andrew got into the Clown School class. They spent the week learning about the different types of clowns, how to do clown faces, creating skits, etc. On the last day, we got to go see their clown performance.

Andrew's clown is Patriotic Pete. Can you guess why???

Andrew also did a magic trick as part of his act. Nobody would volunteer, so dad saved the day (I was running the camera).

Here is a video of Andrew's skit.

Rebekah stole his nose after the show. She had her binky (she calls it a gee-gee) in her mouth since she was a TIRED girl. She calls herself Geh-kah, so it's Gehkah with a gee-gee and a funny nose.

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