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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Library Fun

Our school received a grant to have the library open during June & July. They worked with the public library in order for the books to count for the summer reading program. We were able to get this grant because of the large distance to any of the three closest libraries.

I have to give our teachers credit--they did an awesome job. Every library session, there are crafts or games or speakers. We've had so much fun and it's nice being just a few blocks from home. Over the past couple of weeks, both boys were asked to help with the speakers in their presentation.

Nathan was demonstrating camouflage of animals (while the girl next to him was bright and assumed to be poisonous by other animals). The folks from the zoo were at the library this day.

Andrew was able to help a local meteorologist create a thunderstorm inside the building. Turns out, this meteorologist is also a musician and he brought instruments for the kids. Andrew had the rain stick. They also had a clapper for a crack of lightning and two thunder drums. The video is the thunder storm in progress.

This is what Rebekah did. She is 'sleeping' in the empty shelves.

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