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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Not Champions, but Winners

Andrew with his trophy.

We played the Championship baseball game last night. I have to say the boys tried hard, but their timing was off and they just didn't look as good as they have up to this point. Don't know if a thousand rain delays hurt us or if the pressure of "the big game" took it's toll on them.

They played a great first half and it went back and forth between who was ahead. The other team is a challenging team. We played them twice before last night---won one, lost one. It's a tight match-up.

By the second half of the game, it started to deteriorate and we ended up losing the game. However, this was the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!! The lowest you can end up is in 2nd place. That is such a big deal to me. We've never been on a team that made it to the championships (or semi-finals) before. What a joy!

Here is Andrew hitting. He was sacrificed, but a runner scored so it's all good. I had to shoot through chain link, so the quality isn't the best--but I got it!

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